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Ante-natal classes for couples, ladies and men

If you will be attending on your own or as part of a couple then please see the Wise Hippo suite of classes. If your baby's dad would like extra support or classes specifically for him, please scroll down or click here for Birthing 4 blokes.

The Wise Hippo antenatal classes

My Wise Hippo classes are a full set of antenatal childbirth education classes in Brampton, Chesterfield, Derbyshire or within your own home. You can come along with your birth partner or on you own. 

I teach the full suite of the Wise Hippo Blueprint Bump, Birth and Baby, which focus' on more than just standard hypnobirthing (which is great, but all to often the focus centres around the perfect drug free birth), the Wise Hippo focus centres around YOU having the right birth on the day. Whatever that may be. Also and importantly, how your birth partner can support you using knowledge learnt on the Wise Hippo courses and/or through the male specific Birthing4Blokes on-line course. After all, the reality is that all pregnancies are different. Our feelings, needs, life stories and emotions are different. So therefore, it stands to reason that all births will be different.

I have courses suitable for all types of birth.  

This means even if your birth plan changes during our time together we can discuss how I can fully support you.

All the courses, my experience, my knowledge, ongoing support and experience will focus on you having the right birth on the day. This means giving you the support, the tools you need and the confidence to make the right decisions for you and your baby in the lead up to and on birthing day. This is achieved by giving you in-depth knowledge and information regarding the birthing process, self hypnosis, hypnobirthing tools and techniques to maximise the release of your body's own pain killers and labour hormones - endorphins and oxytocin and showing your birth partner how they can fully support you.

After all the day you meet your child, is the most important day of your life. I wish you to look back on that day, many many times with happiness and joy.

Most ladies who enrol feel much more confident and relaxed about birth after just class one, by the end of the course they are positively beaming and excited to have their baby. Birth partners report feeling much more in control and feel they are able to support their partners.

To watch an amazing birth click here...

To watch an amazing birth click here...

If you want to read some amazing birth stories from couples I have taught and myself please click here.

Birthing 4 blokes

I am affiliated with Birthing4Blokes to offer male specific ante-natal classes. These classes are on-line and written specifically for men by Mark Harris, a male midwife and father of 5. Therefore, they are by a bloke for blokes. Please click here for more information or on this link