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B.E.S.T Start Bump Workshop

This is an amazing standalone or pre-cursor workshop to a full antenatal course. It can be undertaken at any time but from second trimester is ideal.

The B.E.S.T start solution has been written with the main aim of helping you to bond with your baby, understand and deal with any emotions that arise during pregnancy. This is followed up by self care and making time for you and baby.


We explore how bonding with your baby is a really important part of pregnancy, for both you, the baby's father and baby itself.


For years there has been a large emphasis on remaining calm during pregnancy as baby's in utero are affected by the hormones their Mum releases. This is true but who can remain 100% calm, 100% of the time? Not me that is for sure! Therefore, the more you understand your emotions the easier it is to deal with them and show your child how to cope with theirs as they learn about emotions through their lives.

Self care

Quite often when we become pregnant the baby becomes all consuming. What about you? We explore ways of how you can look after yourself and importantly raise your energy levels to either get you through the working day or if this is a subsequent pregnancy your other children.


We explore ways of how you can make quality time for you and your baby.

What is the course duration?

The course runs over 1 x 3 hour session

What does the course cover?

  • Discuss pre-natal bonding
  • Understand you emotions
  • The mind/body connection
  • All emotions are useful and looking for the messages in your emotions
  • Feeling focus exercise
  • The impact of unresolved emotions and how this relates to bonding with your baby
  • Looking after you
  • Increasing your energy
  • Letting go of negativity, raising self esteem and promoting positivity
  • Special moments with your baby
  • Special quiet time with baby
  • Quiet time with baby script
  • Bonding and birth of Mali Rose

What does the course include?

3 hour teaching time

1 x online work book

MP3's - The Wise Hippo Instrumental

             Blow away your worries

             Quiet time with your baby

How much does it cost?


When does it run?

This course can be run as a group or on a private basis. Please contact me for dates. 

Have questions?  

I can be contacted for a chat on 01246 768140 or 07746 860304 or if you prefer via email at [email protected]