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Ante-natal classes for induction

Sometimes due to special circumstances or your pregnancy going "post dates" you may decide to opt for an induction.

Note the phrase opt for induction. After all induction is maternal choice and should be an informed decision rather than something that is decided for you.

Making the decision to be induced is really important, especially if there are special circumstances, you were planning a natural on-set to labour or have been previously induced as it may change your birthing path.

Sometimes ladies find the thought of induction anxiety or fear producing, after all we have all heard those stories! Being fearful is one of the worst emotions you can be feeling in the lead up to and during birth as it can make it so much harder. Being fearful and being induced, for me is a big no no. Therefore why not reduce or even loose that fear?

If it looks like you may be having the induction chat with your care providers this add-on to my vaginal birth ante-natal sessions will be perfect for you. It can also be taken if you have not attended any of my other courses. It is held as a single session and will help you with any emotions that you may be experiencing, takes you through in detail how to negotiate the best induction process for you, how to use all the wonderful Wise Hippo techniques to really maximise your endorphins and natural oxytocin and depending on your circumstances once the induction "takes" how you may be able to go back onto a natural birth pathway.

This class is suitable even if you have decided not to attend any of the other Wise Hippo sessions.

What is the course duration?

The course runs over 1 x 2 1/2 hour session

What does the course cover?

  • What to consider when making your induction decision
  • Encouraging baby hypnosis session (where appropriate)
  • Feeling prepared for induction
  • Physical induction preparation
  • Induction video

What does the course include?

Client information sheet - induction

All video footage shown in class

1x mp3

              I know you will come when you are ready but... mp3

How much does it cost?

£80.00 per couple.

Please click here for other course fees.

When does it run?

This course is run on a private basis. Therefore, we can run it at a mutually convenient time.

Have questions?  

I can be contacted for a chat on 01246 768140 or 07746 860304 or if you prefer via email at [email protected]