Ante-natal classes for lotus birth

If you are considering a lotus birth - a birth where you leave the cord and placenta attached to baby until it naturally comes away then you may want to consider this additional session where we discuss what a Lotus birth is and how to care for your newborn while the cord and placenta are still attached.

This class is suitable as an add-on even if you have not attended any of the other wise hippo sessions.

What is the course duration?

The course runs over 1 x 3 hour session

What does the course cover?

  • What is a Lotus birth
  • What are the benefits of a Lotus birth
  • Why do people choose to have a Lotus birth
  • Film of a Hospital Lotus birth
  • Time of reflection
  • Preparing for a Lotus birth
  • Taking care of baby whilst they are still attached to their placenta
  • What to do with the placenta once it is no longer attached

What does the course include?

Client information sheet - Lotus birth

Interview with Evie

Hospital Lotus birth

Lotus birth and placenta burial ceremony

How much does it cost?

£100 per couple.

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When does it run?

This course is normally run as an additional session on a private basis. Therefore, we can run it at a mutually convenient time.

Have questions?  

I can be contacted for a chat on 01246 768140 or 07746 860304 or if you prefer via email at [email protected]