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Reflexology - for hands, face or feet

Such a wonderful treatment, carried out by me (Ellena), a qualified level 5 maternity reflexologist for when you are pregnant or indeed at any time for just £30 per session (hands or feet) or £45 per session including face.

My maternity reflexology is designed to help with aches and pains, aid your relaxation and when combined with reflexology lymph drainage techniques reduce water (fluid) retention. Literally lay back (or sit up if you are more comfortable) and let me take the weight and some fluid off your feet and help with any discomfort or tiredness you may be feeling.

I can also carry out term pregnancy treatments to ensure your body is as relaxed as it can be to hopefully, if you and your baby are ready, encourage the on-set of labour. Please note this is not an induction treatment - that is what your midwifery team are for :-)

Many pregnant ladies also use me as a sounding board about their births or even just a listening ear as lets face it being pregnant is wonderful, but it can be both emotionally and physically hard work!

Ticklish feet? Hate them being touched? No worries. I can carry out a mix of hand and facial, yes, facial reflexology.

To benefit from this treatment I will need you to complete a detailed medical form*

Price: £30 to £45 per session

*Reflexology is perfectly safe, however, in some circumstances I may require you to obtain your medical teams permission before I treat you. I cannot treat you if you are suffering from or have suffered from thrombosis (blood clots), Leiden VI disorder, have an infection disease or certain heart conditions as these are contra-indicated.